Tuesday 25 February 2014

The Xiadii Charity Ball


Some background information about this event. The Holder of the Draconis family, Lord Vulxanis Nitsujj Draconis - Kor-Azor. (short form: Lord Draconis) is a man who cares about the slaves under his employ, as seen in his public announcement here: 'Slavery, Blessing or Curse?'
In order to strengthen his words, he intends to establish an University at one of his holdings, so his slaves can expand their knowledge of the world but also being able to learn new, more educated professions.
As opening a university is a costly affair, even for a Capsuleer-Holder, Lord Draconis organized the Xiadii Charity Ball which will also see a silent auction of a wide selection of Amarr ships. The bids on these ships will go to fund the construction of the Draconis University.
Attendance was by invite or approval on request only to avoid unpleasantness during the Ball. Also, as it is a ball, formal attire is required for attendance.

Opening of the Ball

Attending capsuleers were asked to dock at the famous Amarr establishment The Golden Lounge in the Kihtaled system. From there, a shuttle took you down to the planet  Kihtaled IV, where it landed on the Estate of Lord Draconis.
On arrival of the estate itself, the earlier attendees were greeted by Lord Draconis in person, a great honor! Once he led us inside, people were amazed at the grandeur and opulence of the estate. Adorned with imposing tapestries along the walls, and majestic chandeliers hanging down from the ceiling, the Great Hall truly deserved it's name!
Among the attendants were several members of PIE, honoring Lord Draconis with their presence. It was however far from an Amarr focused event, as the attendees came from various backgrounds, a tribute to the kindness of the host in his public affairs.
Among the guests were a fair share of Gallente, Caldari and even Matari. The well trained security of the estate, composed of  Kameiras, assured any issue would be dealt with swift & discreetly.

The Banquet

Once most attendees had arrived, the guests were requested to take a seat and pick something from the menu to eat & drink. Each seat also came with a private auctionpad, to allow people to check on the offered ships, and bid on the ones they desired.
As people ordered their drinks & dinner, house-servants took note and also brought samples to taste when one was in doubt. The selection on the menu was very impressive, and would indeed turn out to be the highlight of the evening!

Below you'll find a copy of the menu, showing that Lord Draconis spared no expense to provide an enjoyable and tasty banquet. Credits also go to Mister Ber Kan, who assisted the host in creating this menu.

Beverage Options:
*Dark Amarr Black wine
*Minmatar Spirits
*Spiced Wine
*Amarrian Red Wine
*Sparkling Red wine
*Sparkling Pear cider
*Virgin Merry Mimosas
*Shirley Temple
*Sparkling Rasberry Tea
*Sparkling Pear Tea
*Tropical fruit teas(hot or cold)
*Virgin Pina Coladas

First Course:

Shrimp Appetier Supreme
Gazpacho Soup with Avocado Creme Fraiche
Parmesan-Asiago Spread served on Handmade sourdough bread
Basalmic Shrimp
Celery Root and Truffle oil soup

Second Course:
Spring Greens with Poached Egg
Tomato Bruschetta
Asperagus wraps

Khaldari Baked Lobster Tail

Third Course:

Chipotle Grilled Filet with Mango Salsa
Lamb Chops with Cracked Pepper and Rosemary
Island Boar tenderloin
Hearty Beef stew


Flourless Chocolate Cake
Creme Brulee Blackberry Pie
Cinnamon-Sugar Ice Cream
Peach Ice Cream

As you can see from the menu-list, there's something for everyone! As a sign of the excellent food, even Diana Kim, who normally swears by her dried rations, allowed herself to enjoy something different.
From the reaction of the many guests it was clear the banquet was a great success. Lord Draconis and his staff clearly outdid themselves for us. The wide variety of food also provided good starting points for enjoyable discussions & talks.
All this contributed to a relax and enjoyable atmosphere where people had fun and chattered away with each other.

The Auctions & the Ball

During the enjoyable banquet and pleasant talks, people also bidded on the various ships on offer by Lord Draconis and his donators. Among the ships auctioned were Navy battleships and tech 2 cruisers, so there were bound to be interested wealthy capsuleers intending to acquire these ships
As the banquet came to an end, Lord Draconis called for attention as he announced the winners of the auctions. By each name called, the crowd applauded, as it meant more isk for the construction of the University.
The Silent auction was a success, as several of the high valuable ships found a new owner. Once the auction was over, it was time for the ball, and allowed people to mingle with others across the evening. Miss Lasairiona Raske played beautifully on the majestic piano in the Ballroom, after she got permission from the host.
Only one small incident disrupted the festivities, as a guest threw a very vitriolic comment at a latecomer. Due to Lord Draconis personal intervention, the situation was quickly under control, as he took aside the malicious guest and made clear his authority on the premises.
Once it was dealt with, the rest of the evening was a pleasant experience of chatter, dancing and enjoying various exquisite beverages!


The Xiadii Charity Ball was a success. There were many attendees and everyone enjoyed themselves. Despite it being advertised as a ball, it was easy to see that the food became the main attraction and talk of the evening as such vast selection is a rare opportunity to experience.

The host himself, Lord Draconis was enjoyable and friendly to have around, far from the stereotype of the rigid and serious Amarr. However, as demonstrated by the incident at the end, he wields authority as a second nature when required.
I have to congratulate him on organizing this event, and on the open-mindedness of the people he invited. It's people like him that remind us to be critical of stereotyping others.

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