Tuesday 11 February 2014

First immigrant arrives for the Ayem Colony project!

Unexpectedly, the first immigrant for the future Ayem project arrived today! This immigrant is a Ni-Kunni Exotic Dancer who was rescued from a shipwreck in the Providence during our travel to the Ayem Colony System
Upon her rescue, our colonial taskforce informed her not only of the Aurora Project to grant refugees & rescuees a new home, but also of the Ayem project, to expand an existing colony to a large population center.

The idea of assisting the colonial taskforce in preparing for this large project, and be there from the beginning to see it grow, appealed to her. After she introduced herself as Laleska Del Peraggio and told the crew her former employer terminated her employment on the ship's destruction, she was welcomed into the group. The Overseer, who leads the taskforce, hired her as administrative assistant.

With her as the newest recruit for the colonial taskforce, they now count 217 members in their group. 200 are the main workforce, divided equally between employees & workers. There are also 6 Civil Engineers for future contructions present, and 9 geologists to pinpoint the most profitable locatioons for industries.
The leader of this group is the Overseer, who hired the former exotic dancer as his administrative assistant, in helping him with this task to govern the whole Ayem Colony Project.

Things are moving slowly but surely on the Colony front, part of this can be attributed to our famed Caldari Bureaucracy and their desire to see every permit and report in triple and doublechecked by another authority. The positive side of this is, once all is approved, things should run smooth!

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