Friday 28 February 2014

Wing Commander Okuuda discharged dishonorably and later found dead

About a week ago, ANN reported about the arrest of Wing Commander Okuuda and his officers of the 37th squadron in this news article: Caldari Navy arrests Wing Commander Okuuda! Their short trial has run it's course and the Caldari Navy discharged all 57 officers dishonorably.

More details on the trial can be read on the official report: Caldari Navy announces discharge of courts-martialled officers.
The official charge was : “actions performed against the best interest of the Caldari State and People”.
More details are hard to come by, as they were involved in classified operations as Spectre and Highlander. However, internal sources within the Caldari Navy mention the charges were severe, ranging from incompetence of command to insubordination.
To support this information, it has been confirmed several officers are sentenced for prisontime, several of them for long duration. The former Wing Commander Okuuda however is not among these men and has been spotted to embark a civilian transport to leave the system after the trial.

The Caldari Navy closed the trial with the statement that this closes a chapter of internal investigations following the ousting of Heth. Now that this is over, the Navy can refocus on its core purpose, protecting and preserving the interests of the Caldari State and its people.

Update: Sami Okuuda found dead on Caldari Prime

This is the end of it all then. Former Wing Commander Okuuda was found dead wearing a full military outfit at the seating area of Kariola Park on Caldari Prime. There was no foul play involved, so it's highly likely he took his own life to preserve his honour and that of his family. May he find peace & rest in the winds

Update II: Caldari Navy announces Manhunt on Provist raiders!

Turns out it wasn't the end.  The discharged officers plotted agains the State and raided a Caldari Navy staging system with the backing of the ousted Provist faction. The Caldari Navy placed high bounties on these exiled officers to make sure this will end with their deaths.

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