Sunday 23 November 2014

Capsuleer recruitment video takes GalNet by storm!

Concord Communication Personnel recently released a capsuleer recruitment ad that became a great hit across the cluster! Not only among the capsuleers but also the regular people of New Eden!
This advertisement is part of the capsuleer recruitment program, to keep numbers up. While capsuleers are theoretically immortal, the various acts they commit or setbacks they suffer can make them give up on capsuleer life & return to something that resembles a normal life like they had before joining the program.

Due to the reputation that capsuleers gathered as genocidal maniacs without any form of moral constraints, it is extremely hard to find people that are both willing & compatible to be a capsuleer. Advertisement campaigns that involve releasing trailers that magnify a part of the capsuleer life is part of it, but CCP has been criticized in the past for it as they often show idealized versions, disappointing new capsuleers that just joined the immortal lifestyle.
Due to the critizism, these trailers did not always cause the influx of new immortals as Concord hoped for.

However the recent trailer changed all that, gaining near unanimous praise by the capsuleer community for portraying various aspects of capsuleer life, like combat, industry and others! This was made possible due to Concord's call out to capsuleers to share recordings of their ops & actions, to promote their lifestyle among the people!
This trailer shows not only how life goes on in the lawless areas of Null, but also the thrill of exploring, the dedication to industry and the relentless defense against Nation.

Without further delay; enjoy CCP's newest capsuleer recruitment add! The one that has taken Galnet by storm!

This is Eve, Capsuleer recruitment ad, uncensored version

The trailer portrays actual, non-staged combat and other scenarios that capsuleers experience throughout their life as an immortal in the New Eden galaxy. From competing for resources to all out wars, and many things between like exploring & fitting your ships, it all can be seen in this remarkable recruitment ad! 

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