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The return of Dr Hilen Tukoss, Arek'Jaalan project leader

About 3 years ago, Dr Hilen Tukoss ceased to replay to all communications and disappeared, causing the end of the Arek'Jaalan research project, specialized in wormhole system research.

But now he has returned, with a very interesting timing & announcement! Recently activity & interests in Wormhole systems & knowledge has been peaking, partly due to the unveiling of new, usable technology coming from those systems, culminating into the tech 3 destroyers!
Due to this, capsuleers had begun talking about the revival of Arek'Jaalan under their supervision, in order to be more prepared of any upcoming changes related to the wormhole systems and their inhabitants. In these tidings, Hilen Tukoss made an announcement, not only towards former Arek'jaalan members, but to all of New Eden's capsuleers about his return!

This has caused quite some commotion, not only due to the controversy that surrounded Arek'Jaalan in the past but also because of his odd message and his sudden appearance out of nowhere! On top of this, he also requested some hard to get parts.
The Republic research corporation Eifyr & Co are happy to see Hilen Tukoss return however, albeit they don't know either where the man has been all those years! Here is their public announcement: Eifyr & Co respond to Tukoss messaging.
We'll delve deeper into his messages, analyzing them and see what they could possibly mean.

The first message: It has been some >>time

His first message, announcing his return contains alot of cryptic messages, who have been decoded fast by expert cryptologists among capsuleers. An analysis of what various parts of the message means shall also be provided.
Here follows Dr Hilen Tukoss first message to capsuleers since his return & the analysis breakdown. As you can see it contains alot of oddities, strains of letters & numbers and an odd request. The decryption of the message was made possible by Valerie Valate and Esna Pitoojee who identified it as a hexadecimal code.

Decoded, this first strain reads:
System initializing...checksum complete!
Console online...decrypting broadcast... 25%...42%...91%... Complete!
Aligning receiver node... complete!
Commencing broadcast...

Looks like a standard broadcast opening, however under normal circumstances this is normally not included in most communication protocols.

Good evening capsuleers,

I hope this message finds you 
This second strain of code reads as follows:
syntax error, search="healthy"-synonym... result="well"

Looks like a standard welcome reply, but the difficulty & means to establish the word 'well' at the end is an indication there's something more at hand. What this can be is up for speculation.

For some time now, I have been unable to speak from my current location. I have, however, remained dedicated to the research we began together in
This third codeline reads as follows:
writeconflict date/current=24/10/116 replace/string=09/07/113

Two dates, the 09/07/113 is the founding date for the Arek'Jaalan project. The second date is the date of his current announcement. 

Of the team that began research on this project, I am the only one who remains. The story behind the 
chain of events that have caused this is extremely complex, and in time I will reveal why the situation is as it stands now.

This fourth code reads as follows:

Apparently searching for an alternative for 'sequence' and picked 'chain'. Just like the second line of code, an odd way for a human to find words. More fitting to a computer algorithm...

In the meantime, I need all the assistance I can garner, as fast as possible.

In the coming weeks, a location within 
30003413/40216465=site one will become apparent where deposits can be made that may push us close to a breakthrough the like of which we have not seen since the 
matrimony of the capsule and the clone.

The first string of numbers refer to a location, more exactly the Eram system (database ID:30003413) where the HQ of Arek'Jaalan is situated, Site One (database ID:40216465)

The other line of code reads as follows:
syntax error, search="marriage"-synonym... result="matrimony"

Once more it's this odd searching for synonyms, as if Hilen Tukoss is no longer fully human, but partly integrated in a computer algorithm. However the following line does indicate a major claim in science breakthrough. The joining of Capsule & cloning allowed for the birth of the immortal ship captains known as capsuleers, causing a major change in the powerbalance of the galaxy.
Any scientific breakthrough that would even come close to this impact would cause a major turmoil across all of New Eden!

When the time comes, I will call for deposits of the following, to be made to site one, in order for me to continue work.

• Blood Drop 
• Bone Splinter
• Cerebral Slice 
• Epidermis Sliver 
• Liver Bile

Your assistance in this matter would be very much appreciated. I will be in touch in the coming weeks to give further details.

- Hilen Tukoss
Quite a ghastly request one would say! Body Parts! But the body parts mentioned here are not just any body part, they're the remnants of a Jove who suffered a teleportation accident! While the poor Jovian has been reconstructed back in the end, there's still some these body parts left in the galaxy, held by capsuleers for research or just as a morbid relic.
But why would Hilen Tukoss need these Jovian body parts all of a sudden? One plausible theory is that he gathers it to gain access or otherwise interface with the Sleeper Mirror sites. However it remains speculation, and the true need to collect these parts is unknown.




These lines of code read as following:
Packet loss - 0.015%
Commencing BCA shutdown... complete! 
System shutdown initiated
Transmission terminated!

Just like the opening part of the message, it looks like standard communication protocols, albeit they usually don't get displayed, as they're normally not part of the message itself.

All in all, the message contains quite some oddities. The opening & closing part can be attributed to malfunctioning communication relays or non-standard comm relays. However, the few code lines indicating an algorithm to search for synonyms are an indication there's more at hand. Coupled with the announcement that he's on the verge of a breakthrough that rivals the clone/capsule merging, it could indicate he managed to (partially?) integrate himself into a digital entity or a mainframe, allowing a next step into capsuleer/ship integration, or more.
While this sounds far fetched, it is possible, as the founder of Zainou Biotech managed to do this! While not yet repeated, various advances have made a breakthrough in this field more likely, among it the advances in capsuleer rebirth and the Dust Mercenary mind transfers. So in hindsight, the assumption that Hilen Tukoss is no longer fully human is not so far fetched anymore!

The second message: Resource Drop >>Established

The second message focuses around Hilen Tikoss' request for the Jovian body parts, announcing that he has reserved a drop-off point at the Arek'Jaalan site in the Eram system. However, he refuses to share why he needs the Jovian body parts for, fueling the paranoia of many a capsuleer!
However, as with the first message, there's alot of code embedded in the message. However, two capsuleers have decoded these pieces most excellently! Thanks to Andreus Ixiris and Liam Antolliere for sharing their expertise!

Just as with the first message, this decodes into a standard communication protocol for a relayed message:
system initializing...
checksum complete!
console online...
decrypting broadcast... 19%... 36%... 68%... 88%... 91%...
Aligning receiver node... complete!?
commencing broadcast...

Good Afternoon, Capsuleers.

I thank you for your
warm reception since my last contact.
Once more this piece of code translates into a synonym search:
>>syntax error, search="heated"-synonym... result="warm"

I’m happy to inform you all that a resource drop has been successfully set up in Site One, in order to accept the 
previously mentioned materials.
Once again a synonym search here:
>>syntax error, search="aforementioned"-synonym... result="previously"

I have watched with admiration as you have taken to Anoikis, with particular interest paid to colonization of
This strain of code refers to several wormhole systems:
>>configuration error=, //search="31002378//31000005//31001647//31000520//31002479"
With thanks to Saede Riordan, wormhole/Anoikis expert, most of these wormhole systems have been identified:

31002378 = J150020
Class 6 Magnetar system with W237 (C6° static connection, occupied by No Holes Barred

Unidentified system. This is odd, as Tilen Hukoss mentioned colonized systems. Research indicates this ID is part of a series of missing ID numbers for wormhole systems. Currently more details are unavailable, but it is very much possible that another non-capsuleer organisation has secretly colonized a wormhole system of its own & kept it hidden from the rest of New Eden.

31001647 = J211817
Class 4 Pulsar system with two static connections being: C247 (C3) and X877 (C4), occupied by The Night Crew

31000520 = J50859
Class 2 Wormhole system with two static connections as well, B274 (Highsec) and Y683 (C4), occupied by Alexylva Paradox. It is also the home of the Origin project, an ongoing drive to colonize & populate this system.

31002479 = J100820
Class 5 wormhole system with a static connection to H296 (C5), occupied by Sleeper Social Club

Once initial work has been completed, I can return full time to assisting in curating the project that you have so generously contributed over the past four years.

Your contributions to the project so far have


This last string of code more disturbing, as it's an emergency shutdown protocol for communications:


Looks like Hilen Tukoss message got interrupted by a third party, perhaps the organisation of the unknown colonized wormhole? After all, to be able to colonize a  wormhole system without anyone knowing, you need some serious backing & power to keep it all below the radar....

What's next?

While people bickered & argued over the messages and warned for caution in delivering the body parts, due to the strange messaging format and the non-disclosure about the purpose of these body parts, some folks went ahead and just delivered the goods, curious to what it'll all lead towards.

It's important to notice that caution is advised, as something is clearly amiss, considering the strange errors in the message and the abrupt termination of the second message. Then again, the person was rightfully identified as Hilen Tukoss, so the question is not if it is a fraud or spy, but what he had become...

But as of now, this discussion has lost his relevance towards delivering the body parts or not, as rumour has it that several entities did not wait for any form of conclusion and just went ahead and assisted Dr Hilen Tukoss in his search for the body parts.

The Antiquarian delivering the required body parts along with some extras to Site One in Eram
Evidence image provided by Caroline Grace

While the Antiquarian has been seen delivering the requested parts, it's doubtful he's the only one who delivered them. A few others have informed they would do the delivery once they had acquired the items.
While the Jovian body parts are not easy to find, they're still fairly common among collectors. They often accumulated several body parts and hence could be persuaded to hand them over for the right price.

Now that the body parts have been delivered, we can only wait for the next announcement of Hilen Tukoss and what the result of this support to his cause will be. Hopefully it will be a positive contribution. Aurora News will keep you informed on any future developments!

A new message has been broadcasted by Hilen Tukoss! But this third message is very different from these two and carries a much darker message! Read all about it : The return of Dr Hilen Tukoss, Part II: A third message!

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