Tuesday 4 November 2014

Pirates venture into Wormhole systems!

Recently, information has come out that various pirate groups have begun exploring wormhole space. So far they don't seem to have gone into the deep end yet, restricting their visits and temporary sites in wormhole system classes C1, C2 and C3.
However it does mean that capsuleers are no more the only group exploring wormholes in search of riches, data & technology. Any form of additional knowledge about the Sleepers and their technology is not only valuable, but can also lead to new breakthroughs, as shown in the research race that yielded the tech 3 destroyer as result!

An Angel site found in a wormhole system

At the time, the exact goal of the various pirate groups is not yet certain. However the sites they leave behind can give clues into their operations. Most sites are set up to study data or collect relics. However, they are not guarded, indicating it's possibly only a temporary site, meant to be left as soon as danger appears in the form of sleepers or capsuleers.
As exploring wormholes is no easy task, the pirate groups have to put in alot of resources & technology in order to be able to retrieve any form of sleeper data & technology with them. This in return means that analyzing the sites they leave behind can yield some very interesting & valuable content as result!
For now, no true pirate bases have been located, only these unguarded relic & data sites left behind by the pirates in wormhole systems. But it's advised to keep your eyes open for any new changes!

What the future holds is uncertain, but pirate organisations meddling with Sleeper knowledge & relics is not a good omen. If any of the pirate groups can crack the Sleeper data or tech to incorporate into their own systems & blueprints, they'll be able to produce technology that can rival or even outmatch anything the Empires produce. One only has to see at the capacities of the tech 3 cruisers or the tech 3 destroyers to see what integrated Sleeper technology can do! And unlike the Empires, the various pirate organisations are far less concerned in trying to keep their technolgy safe... allowing them to reach a breakthrough faster, at the cost of lives....

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