Sunday 16 November 2014

Gallente Federation Presidential Election announced!

After a long time of silence, where people started questioning about the next Presidential elections, the Gallente Federal Elections Commission finally announced when the new presidential elections would occur: Presidential Election date has been set!
Currently, President Jacus Roden is in power, who won the controversial YC111 Elections by a large margin.

The new Presidential elections will be held on 29 January of YC117 and once the votes are counted & everything is ready, the newly elected President will be inaugurated on 26 february of the same year.
Normally, the presidential elections occur every 5 years, but the turnmoil that lead to the extraordinary presidential election in YC111 after the ousting of President Souro Foiritani has complicated matters alot. On top of all this, a legislation called the 'No Vote!' bill had passed to forbid anyone in the FW territories to vote! This was due to Caldari occupying all these regions back in the day.

However, the Election Commission has made it clear that this time there would be no such restrictions, all Federal Citizens eligible to vote shall be allowed to do so!
For now, there are no Gallente Presidential candidates announced, but undoubtedly this will happen over the course of the next two months!
What is new however is the inclusion of the Military in the Election process, but concerning the controversy the 'No Vote' bill caused last time, this can be a good thing. In this case, the Federation Military Commissions are there to make sure that no Federal territory inside the Faction Warfare territory gets locked out in an attempt of political games by a competitor.

All in all, it looks like the Federation is heading towards interesting times, as the Federal President usually guides the path for the Federation to take! Due to this, the elections will undoubtedly be followed by all the major and minor powers in the galaxy, to prepare for whoever comes into power & thereby any shift in Federal policies, no matter how small.

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