Thursday 13 November 2014

The return of Dr Hilen Tukoss, Part II: A third message

The situation around Dr Hilen Tukoss just got alot more complicated! As you know, his first two coded messages were discussed in the article: 'The return of Dr Hilen Tukoss, Arek'Jaalan project leader' However a new coded message was received and shines a new and more disturbing light on the recent events! lets have a look at this new coded message.

The third message: WA------! Site On--- --ed!

This third message is in a very different style & tone. The coding used is also different from the previous two messages. Considering the contents of this third message, opposing the two previous ones, it is certain that the third message is sent by a different person then the first two. Who the real Dr Hilen Tukoss is, will be hard to verify right now.
The coded message has been translated by the combined efforts of Liam Antolliere, Makoto Priano & Morwen Lagann. the following decoded message is the variant published by Morwen Lagann. Do note, this is NOT the 'best' variant, I merely picked it because the layout allows you to see what pieces were decoded and what was part of the original message. The words & letters between the brackets (   ) are the decoded parts, words & letters outside the brackets are part of the original message.
Here follows the decoded transcript:


PACKET LOSS – 72.176%
>> 66ms
>> --
>> 1088ms
>> --
>> 931ms
>> 404ms
>> +366470.5504 >> +021452.0104 >> 5586152.0017
>> LAYER 44602117/FF




Th(is is the first transm)ission I hav(e been able to ma)ke in so(me time. Thi)s is Dr Hil(len Tuk)oss, broa(dcasting on lo)w band eme(rgen)cy FTL – I’m uns(ure of t)he exact fr(equen)cy.

Site On(e is compromi)sed. All sta(ff inv)olved wi(th the Are)k’Jal(aan Pr)oject sho(uld cons)ider it inse(cure an)d should aba(ndon an)y equi(pment the)rein, cons(ider it cont)amin(ated).

(Disre)gard the pre(viou)s commun(ication)s from wh(at ap)pears to be m(y) NeoC(om. The)ir inte(nt )is misdir(ection o)n the p(art of tho)se who ha(ve me res)trained. DT coope(rated wit)h the(m in )all c(ases.)

I ha(ve attem)pted to ma(ke conta)ct (with Eifyr & C(o to no av)ail, in or(der to re)lay det(ails of m)y situa(tion). It is my la(st hop)e tha(t this t)ransmissi(on will b)e pick(ed up by t)he FTL networ(k and broa)dcast t(o the perti)nent pl(aces?).

I am cu(rrently held aga)inst my wi(ll, my cap)tors are unkno(wn but from t)he few det(ails of my s)urrou(ndings I hav)e bee(n able to asc)ertain, I am bei(ng he)ld somewh(ere in Anoi)kis. The ava(ilable d)ata tha(t I could ga)ther wo(uld sugg)est some(where in clos)e pro(ximity to a Wolf-Ray)et, given luminos(ity an)d gravity signatures.

It is impe(rative t)he cap(suleer ta)skforce dedica(ted to Arek'Ja)laan contin(ue the)ir work i(n my abs)ence. With(out my pre)sence, t(he pro)ject mus(t conti)nue to adva(nce with re)cent (inform)ation (--- - -) received.

I beli(eve my cap)tors to be (----- - - - --)s, fear(ful of the e)vent (now t)ranspiring, and (are in a st)ate of (pa)nic.

I emp(lore [sic] you) all to continue to further the (aims of the Are)k’Jalaan proj(ect and to con)tinue to wo(rk on a so)lution. (The f)ate of the (pro)ject (is now) in yo(ur ha)nds, and (if the)re is any (chance of communication/my escape?) in future, I (shal/wil)l endea(vour to d)o so.

D(--- - - - -- - )rch (--- - - )m (--- - -- - )anger I( - - - - -------- - - -)o gr(-- -- -- --- )

0411632 - //ROUTER TOKEN EXPIRY – 116//01/20 – 14:29
TRANSPONDER ID HASH - 30003412-30003453 / LAYER 44602117/FF DISCONNECT



Error Code uses the same coding as the two previous messages: hexidecimal and decodes into:

All in all, this is a very worrisome development, as it contradicts the two previous messages. From this flows that Hilen Tukoss has been captured by an unknown party but managed by chance to broadcast a message to warn us not to trust his first two messages, as they come from his captors, not him!
He stresses that Arek'Jaalan must abandon Site one, as it is compromised. On top of it, we shouldn't lend support to the cause asked for in his previous messages, as it would only further the agenda of his captors.

The message also contains general info of his location, he is apparently held in a Wolf-Rayet system in Wormhole space (Anoikis). On top of it, he claims that recent events threw his captors in a state of panic, possibly why they attempted tor each out to us through faked messages.

However there's also words of encouragement, as he implores the Arek'Jaalan revival to continue, as the project can lead to a solution and it lies in our hands now!

Some more detailed analysis about the message:

>> +366470.5504 >> +021452.0104 >> 5586152.0017
This line has most analyzers baffled, at first sight it looks like a coordinate, but Mark726 from Project Compass verifies it doesn't match with something we know, also the last number missing a + or - is an indication it might be something else. What that is, is unknown so far.

>> LAYER 44602117/FF
TRANSPONDER ID HASH - 30003412-30003453 / LAYER 44602117/FF DISCONNECT
are the locations the broadcast was relayed through. These are:
30003453:ID number of Orduin sun
30003412: ID number of Elgoi sun
50008995 & 50006664 are the ID's of the stargates that connect Orduin & Elgoi system
44602117/FF: Unknown
These two systems are 1 & 2 jumps out of Eram, where Arek'Jaalan project Site One lies. It's likely that the message originated from Orduin or from a wormhole situated there. The decoding of Gate ID's was made possibly by Soldarius.

0411632 - //ROUTER TOKEN EXPIRY – 116//01/20 – 14:29
The string of numbers is not yet decoded, rest is pretty straightforward, Hilen Tukoss is using an outdated link to broadcast, indicated by the date. At first sight, there doesn't seem to be any significant event situated around the 20th of January this year, but perhaps some deeper digging would find something?

This is quite disturbing, as it shows the captors have found the broadcast & terminated it. If Hilen Tukoss is truly captured, it doesn't look good for him now that he's been caught transmitting.

I beli(eve my cap)tors to be (----- - - - --)s
None of the decoders filled in this blank, as too little is know, hence speculation is rife! It might meant to say Sleepers, due to the Wormhole connection, but it feels a bit too obvious.

D(--- - - - -- - )rch (--- - - )m (--- - -- - )anger I( - - - - -------- - - -)o gr(-- -- -- --- )
No-one decoded this line as too little info is available, however the short & long dashes might hint at what is hidden under the code. Up to brilliant decoders to unravel it!

Will the real Dr Hilen Tukoss please stand up?

But what does all of this mean in the end? Right now, it shows we have to be very careful who to trust, as there is no way to validate who the 'real' Hilen Tukoss is!
So to be able to make good decisions, we first need more information! In order to collect this data, capsuleers are combing out the Eram, Orduin & Elgoi systems for anything that could possibly reveal something. Every site is scanned, every complex investigated, every wormhole explored.
So far not much has come up, but a permanent observation force has been rallied to overwatch these systems for anything out the ordinary.

For now, it's best to be cautious of both versions of Hilen Tukoss until we can find out more. However, the reformation of Arek'Jaalan should continue, as both versions look at it positively.
As for the request of the third message not to help the broadcaster of the first two messages, it's a bit late.... The Jovian body parts have already been delivered.
In that regard, we'll soon found out who was right. Let us hope that we didn't unleash something we should have kept sleeping....
On the other hand, recent events got the 'captors' in a state of panic... This might refer to the Sleeper Data research race, a fairly sudden announcement that saw an increased interest in wormholes & sleeper data, along with new technology. If the captors are wormhole-based, this surely would alarm them, heightening them being discovered!

Currently, capsuleers of all factions & sides are doing their utmost best to analyze the messages, investigate various strange sites across the galaxy and are cross-referencing data & events, to find out what is going on? Because that's the core of the issue, from all the events as of late, it's easy to see something big is about to happen, related to Sleeper and/or Wormholes. But all we can do for now is guess & wait while we collect information...

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