Friday 6 December 2013

Future development of Ayem Colony

Some of you might wonder what happened to our colony plans in Providence. Rest assured that the Ayem colony project is still on the table! Things have been going slow on this front due to various setbacks involving transport & bureaucracy.
However, our colonial department has used this extended period well by developing a future roadmap for the Ayem colony. To be noted, this roadmap must first pass approval by the Board of Directors from Fourth District Infrastructures Ltd as they hold the colonial rights.

To improve the economic stability of a large colony, the surrounding systems must be developed as well, allowing for trading larger volumes of goods & services. To that extend the 4TH district has put out a call for Industrialists and Planetary Managers to come to the 4TH District region in Providence to strengthen the new Caldari State sector:

Without further delay, we will now reveal what is roughly planned to develop the Ayem colony:

Outlaid plans & ideas for the expansion of Ayem colony. Timeline: early Y116 till end of the year

The initial project is to establish a Planetary Administration Center (PAC) at the fringes of the colony. This will house around 3000 employees, who will be brought in from the Arcology. Materials & machines to build will be imported locally. The employees might need an escort for a safe arrival, but this will be discussed & arranged with 4TH District.

Once the PAC is constructed, it's primary function will be to manage planetary affairs more efficiently. It will aim at increasing local foodproduction & expanding the local industry.
Also the facility will look into ways to promote planet Ayem for Capsuleer PI to increase revenue. Ways of achieving this could be advertisements. This must be discussed &  approved by 4TH first if it happens. Also a temporary Tax reduction from the POCO could bring in extra investors. Will require a meeting with the POCO operators to discuss possibilities on Tax-changes.

Once this is in place (and probably some other stuff) focus will redirect in providing materials & machines to expand the colony itself, to house alot more colonists. All required goods will be imported locally, with support. Thoughts will be given on what extra can be done besides expanding the population. One of the planned additions by then is a fully developed hospital, to accomodate the increasing demands for more complex medical procedures done locally.

Around this time, first steps will be set for a garrison (provided if approved by the board) to combat any crime, the mountains do provide good cover for insurgents, so a strong milita force is required. This militia force will be able to guarantee safety to the growing population of colonists.
Current aim is to deliver approximately 100.000 new colonists by the end of Y116. This will provide a solid basis for a self-sufficient and genetically healthy colony.

Future plans at this time will involve increasing colony population to be able to train shipcrews locally and perhaps establish an additional colony. It will also incorporate the expansion of the Garrison to provide a source for off-world groundforce support in case it might be needed.

This concludes the current plans drawn out to develop Ayem Colony, do note that these plans have not yet been approved, so changes can happen once the Ayem project is greenlighted.

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  1. Your plan looks good, I wish you the best of luck to your project.