Saturday 21 December 2013

Preparing for the Luminaire celebrations and other happy news!

Quite some happy news to report today! This report will be split in 3 parts. First will be about the Luminaire Snowball festivities on sunday 22 december at 22h! The second one will be a report on a capsuleer of good will who rescued many civilians. Third report will be about the expansion of the Aurora Arcology and the planned celebrations for it.

The Luminaire Snowball festivities!

Commander A9 is organizing a celebration in Luminaire at 22 december at 22H, as detailed in this invitation. All capsuleers, regardless of alignment are invited to attend and participate.
As we all know, the upcoming days are about celebrating all that's good and great in this world, so it's fitting the event is held in Luminaire, where the homeworlds Caldari Prime and Gallente Prime lie. It's in this spirit I will attend the event, to celebrate the peace signed over Caldari Prime earlier this year, showing that men of good will and good intentions still exist in power.

What better way to celebrate the holidays then in this system, where two different factions reside in peace. Let us honor this and bring our ships, fitted for peace & celebration. Fit your specially modified festival-launchers, online your lightshow lasers and bring out the partydrones and turn this event into a blast!

Capsuleer rescues over 400 people from pirate-hideouts!

During assignments in Khanid space, the capsuleer Jimbo Atruin has located several pirate hideouts. As he cleared these hideouts, he found many captives and hostages that he in turn freed from the pirates. Showing his good nature, Jimbo took these folks in after their distressing experienced and helped them recover.
In this period, he managed to rescue over 400 people and their pets.
Recently, he contacted the Aurora Arcology and asked information about the refugee project. After he was assured that the Arcology gave refugees a warm new home to live at and a new start in their lives, Jimbo transferred the Refugees to our care. I'm thankful for his trust in us, but also grateful for his efforts in rescuing these people and helping them recover. Thanks to him, several hundred more people will have a reason to celebrate the upcoming holidays!
Aurora Arcology signs expansion-agreement with Caldari provisions!

As some of you know, the Aurora Arcology section aboard the Caldari Provision food packaging plant in Irjunen was getting crowded. Currently we're at 75% capacity! After a few months of negotiatons, an agreement to expand the Aurora Arcology section aboard the Station has been signed. These additional  & currently unused sections will be for our use within days! This will triple the amount of space, guaranteeing our continued presence in Irjunen.
Due to this happy news shortly before the holiday celebrations, it's been agreed to integrate the opening ceremony of the newly added sections with the upcoming holiday celebrations aboard the station, giving it an extra boost of joy!
So the future looks bright and great for the Aurora Arcology, we'll be able to receive many more refugees the upcoming year without worrying about livingspace for them.

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