Thursday 12 December 2013

The dark humor of capsuleers

As many of you surely know, the Aurora Arcology accepts almost all refugees & rescuees capsuleers find.
Undoubtedly you are also aware capsuleers  (and Dust mercs) can represent both the best & worst humanity has to offer in immortality.

A recent occasion reminded me of this.... A few days ago, a courier delivered a package to one of our collection points. With it came a mail with a curious message. It said *Hey Jandice, I managed to retrieve Kruul for your project! However there might be some extra work on him.*
Hm, Kruul, a known kidnapper (Damsels!) and pirate leader, joining the Aurora Arcology? And what's with *he needs some extra work*? We don't force people to join... if they don't want to, they go their own way...

On opening the package it all became clear.... It just contained a few remains of what was supposed to be Kruul... Some extra work indeed! If we wanted him presentable we'd need to reclone him from the few remains we got!
DNA analysis did confirm this were Kruul's remains. After this, a proper burial service fitting for a slaving & kidnapping pirate was given to his remains, we spaced them through the garbage-chute.

Never thought I'd say this, but after this incident it was obviously needed: The Aurora Arcology Project only accepts refugees & rescuees that are still alive. Dead bodies, gibbed remains, DNA goo or otherwise non-living organic human matter is not accepted as refugee/rescuee in the Aurora Arcology!

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