Thursday 19 December 2013

The fedo, a strange animal

Recently, the Fedos popularity as pet amongst capsuleers has exploded. But what is a fedo? And where does it come from? What can it do?

Where do Fedos come from?

Fedos were initially discovered by the Amarr as they settled Palpis IV a few centuries ago. As the Amarr colonists settled the world, they found this strange, smelly but tame creature in the caves. Quickly it was discovered they make excellent biological garbage-disposals.
Later on, some Amarr ships started using them to keep their ships clean of waste, mainly in the slave-compartiments, due to the smell they produced.
When the Minmatar rebelled and formed their own faction, they took with them the amarr habit of using fedos aboard ship to keep them clean.
To this day, it are mainly the Amarr & Minmatar who use the fedo as ship-cleaner. Do keep in mind, this habit of using fedos as shipcleaners is a minority among shipcaptains. This can mainly be attributed to the smell they produce and the risk of becoming a pest.

What are Fedos? And what can they do?

Fedos are omnivorous creatures, they can devour almost anything! This makes them great for low-maintenance cleaning. their small size, about half a meter allows them to reach & 'clean' places most janitors or automated cleaners have a hard time reaching.
The downside of this however is the fact they produce a terrible odor. This is further enhanced by their primitive digesting system, that is based on fermenting. This means food remains a very long time in their body, with the result you expect, very smelly gaseous excretions.
Their fumes do have one peculiar side-effect, it tends to remove bacteria aboard a ship, making them a cheap biological sterilizer unit. Do note, it's advised to only use males. Female fedos produce fumes that can irritate the skin to outright poisonous for the average human.

It is interesting to note that the fedo has no eyes or ears, they are deaf & blind. Their main way of communication is through smell, which is part of the reason that they produce such range of smelly odors. The fedo feeds itself by climbing on top of it's food and lowering itself on it, as their mouth is located at what we would refer to as the belly.
They are able to move by small clawed tentacles at the side of their bodies. Females have more of these limbs then the males. The females also tend to be larger and more richly colored (generally fedo's have a reddish color)

They are also very resilient and fast breeding creatures. They're able to withstand several hours of vacuum, making them hard to get rid of once they breed uncontrolled. And this is easy to achieve, as a typical fedo reaches breeding-age 24 hours after birth. This means that you have to keep males & females separate at all times, lest you are faced with a very smelly pest-infestation that's hard to get rid of.
Their resilience, coupled with the easy breeding means that they're sometimes used in Fedo-fighting clubs, where female fedos are pitched against each other to the death. This usage is mainly seen among the Gallente, but in recent times it spread to the other factions as well.

Until recently, fedos were mainly used aboard some Amarr & Minmatar ships as a cheap alternative to cleaners & sterilizers as they eat anything, and their fumes keep the environment bacteria-free.
However, as noticed, they gained popularity as pets. This is due to a breakthrough in Fedo food-research. With a special diet-food you are able to reduce the smell of their fumes greatly, allowing them to be much more pleasant houseguests.
This is also the reason the Aurora Arcology added them to the list of allowable pets, as long as the Fedo-keeper does his best to minimize the odor.

Fedos & the Aurora Arcology

As mentioned earlier, the Aurora Arcology recently allowed fedos as pets. To keep up with their succes as pets, the Aurora Arcology actively seeks out people (mainly capsuleers) who want to get rid of their fedos. With every fedo collected, another civilian is made happy! And the capsuleer got rid of the smelly pest.
If you have unwanted fedos aboard, you can donate them now to the Arcology, knowing that the fedos will be well looked after.

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