Sunday 7 December 2014

Concord announces upgrade on Clone Capsule Death system!

Current Clone Capsule Death system

When your pod gets blown up under the current system, you must immediately buy a new Clone upgrade, in order to assure its neural databanks can store your vast knowledge that you accumulated over time. Failiure to do so will result in the loss of knowledge upon a next podding, a very harrowing experience that has caused more then one capsuleer to quit the lifestyle.
As you accumulate more knowledge, this clone upgrade cost can get very hefty, exceeding the price of battleships for the oldest capsuleers!
Due to this, an old fear can return, namely the fear of death. Not because you would die permanently, but because dying gets too expensive to keep up, bankrupting you if you die too often, or stripping away too much knowledge when you choose not to keep your clone up-to-date.

As the age & number of capsuleers grew, the high cost for high-grade clone upgrades became a more prevalent problem in the community. Concord was aware of the increased complains and set out to invest in new technologies to remedy the situation, and they succeeded!

The new improved Clone Capsule Death program!

With the latest announcement by Concord official Terminus, this awful choice between losing knowledge or fork over a big sum or isk will be coming to an end!
In the announcement 'A new Era of Clones', CCP Terminus explains how the new system will work. In short, it's a serious upgrade from the old, thanks to recent breakthroughs allowing for a substantial upgrade, obsoleting the upgraded clones!

In short, you no longer need to pay to secure your stored knowledge for a future death! The new clone upgrades will be able to integrate & store all your accumulated knowledge safely, without the need to invest in clone upgrades!
There is one thing to keep in mind, loss of knowledge related to Tech 3 cruiser ship usage after you lost one will still be there. The possible reason is the deep integration of the capsuleers mind with the tech 3 cruiser interface, making it hard to fully prevent loss of knowledge upon the ship's destruction.

In exchange for this convenience, the price to relocate your home station will rise however, but compared to what the clone upgrades cost, it's pretty trivial, as the new price will be set on 100.000 isk.
All in all, a substantial upgrade! Especially capsuleers with a vast accumulation of knowledge will be pleased, as they no longer have to invest large sums of isk into a clone upgrade.
Remember! Implants are still lost upon podding and have to be rebought if you want your mind to retain the same efficiency on the tasks prior to your clone death!

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