Sunday 28 December 2014

Find the way to Thera thanks to EvE-Scout!

Locating Thera, the early days

Ever since the reveal of Thera's existence, capsuleers across New Eden tried their best to find their way into this Sister stronghold. At first they tried doing it individually, scanning out wormholes till they found one that lead to Thera. This method was not only time-intensive, it was also very inefficient.
But capsuleers are a creative sort when it comes to improve a tasks efficiency. They come together, form groups and set up systems & databanks to increase the efficiency of any task.

And so, under the impulse of G8keeper, EvE-Scout was born. They're a group of capsuleers sharing the same goal, namely scanning down entries into Thera and sharing it with the rest of the cluster, in order to improve traffic towards this oddball Sisters of Eve wormhole system with stations!

EvE-Scout, your guide to finding Thera!

As you can read in their announcement here: '[EvE-Scout]: Providing free Access to Thera', they're a group of capsuleers who actively seek out connecting wormholes in & out Thera. The resulting connections are then published on their site & placed on their public map.

So how does the map work? Fairly simple actually! Once on the map, you can spot all the regions. Regions with an active connection to Thera are listed with a number. This number is usually 1, sometimes 2, reflecting the number of active connections to Thera located in this region. More  is possible but uncommon, save for the 'wormhole' region listed, as it usually contains multiple connections to Thera due to it's nature.
Clicking on the numbers gives you the system name, along with the signature-code & estimated life-span of the connecting wormhole.

Do keep in mind, due to these connections being published that they might be camped. As at any time, the number of connections to Thera is high, it's unlikely that they're all heavily camped, but caution is advised. Most camping can be expected at highsec connections & during weekends.
The Sister Stations are open for all, but keep in mind that capsuleers can place them under lockdown as well, so do ask advice on safely undocking if you plan to make Thera your new home!

So for all those who want to use this knowledge, go ahead & take care! You can go to Thera for trade, combat & engagements of all kind, or simply for research into the various odd properties of this wormhole system.
For more info on Thera itself, Eve University made a good start on creating a database: 'Thera - Uniwiki'

Help EvE-Scout stay up to date!

For those who want to help out, good news! You don't need to be a member of their corp to assist, they also take info from those who have proven themselves to be reliable! If you got a nice probe-ship and wat to help out, check out the links below!
For more info, you can read this advertisement: 'Become an EvE-Scout today!' or on their corporation page: 'Eve-Scout: How to contribute'
You can also ask questions on their public channel: ' EvE-Scout ' (add to your channel list) where the channel moderators will assist you in answering questions you might have.

For those who wish to support EvE-Scout but don't have the time to scout out wormholes to locate Thera-connections, you can always support them financially by sending an isk donation to the corporation EvE-Scout! This assures their continued operation, as they do sacrifice their time in order to provide the New Eden cluster with updated info on the Thera wormhole connections!

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