Saturday 6 December 2014

The second Origin Landfall Festival


Origin is a system in Anoikis (wormhole space) that's being colonized by the capsuleer organisation Alexylva Paradox. Last year they celebrated first landfall, and with it established Foundation City. You can read about the capsuleer gathering to celebrate this event here: 'Overview of the Foundation Celebration, the Colony in the wormhole system Origin'
Recently, the colonized system received recognition through the first message of Hilen Tukoss, where he praised the endeavours of various groups to settle in wormhole systems and colonize the planets!

As the year ran prosperous and people had good memories of the first Landfall festival, capsuleer Saede Riordan announced that a second Landfall festival would be held, to celebrate the success!
As reaching a wormhole system is not always trivial, the Alexylva Paradox organisation arranged shuttle transports that would shuttle people between Suroken VI Spacelane Patrol Assembly Plant and Foundation City in the Origin System
As the festival would last through the weekend, people are encouraged to come by any day they see fit and even stay & sleep at the Landfall Park camping site!

  Arrival at Landfall Park, Foundation City's green lung

Arriving at the Foundation City Starport is breathtaking, as it sits on top of a hill, giving a wonderful view of it's surroundings. The first thing that springs in view are the majestic Trees, native to the planet Renaissance. Even tho I had seen them on my first visit, their colossal size remains impressive, towering high in the sky above me!.
However, many things did have chance since last year! The city, dominating a part of the skyline is impressive, it's monorail networks linking the various areas like a spiderweb are rapidly noticed as they run through the Landfall park, allowing for rapid connections.

However, to remain true to it's first edition, the second Landfall festival would be held inside the forest as well, obscuring the newly built city from view. After a short walk, an open spot is revealed in the forest, a meadow criss-crossed by small streams and dotted with strange stone bone-like megaliths, a lovely place that would be perfect for a quiet and peaceful retreat.
But today it was the place for the festival! Where a soundstage was set up, playing music for the visitors and various stands offered food, drinks, various goods and other enjoyable offerings! This was clearly the heart of the event, where people gathered to enjoy the music and stroll along the many vendor stands to observe their curious and often exotic wares!

For those who prefer a more serene celebration, there is a path to the Grove of the Elder, a small clearing dominated by a massive tree, the Elder Tree, it's imposing presence reducing the other large trees around it to mere saplings in comparison. Here one could see how easily people are influenced by nature, despite our great technological advances. Candles and offerings could be seen near the base of the tree, as if it was the home of a great spirit. And as you gaze upon it's colossal size, it isn't hard to believe that this ancient Elder Tree does house a great and strong nature spirit, protecting its majesty through eons...
Everything in this place feels old, as if centuries are but a drop in time, yet the atmospheric feel of the place is wonderful, as if the boundaries between our world and the mystical is thinnest here.... The sounds of the drums that vibrate through this place just reinforce this feeling.

Another path stretched from the central meadow to the camping location, where you could stay during the weekend-long festival. This site was dominated by a large, crystal-clear pond, accompanied by a waterfall formed by one of the streams that crossed the central meadow. Various small campfires dotted the place, marking the location of people's tents.
For those willing, canoe trips were a possibility, to enjoy the beautiful view offered by the waterfall, campfires & forest.
It's also here most capsuleers were residing, happily chatting the evening away! Saede Riordan, host of the event was here as well, enjoying a good swim & dive in the pond, along with a few others!
The relaxed atmosphere was a great boost for all involved, leaving behind their worries and just have a good time!


I did enjoy the event greatly, despite quite some distractions provided by my capsuleer life. I wasn't as active as the others, mostly seeking out the Elder Grove as to enjoy the mystic feel of the place. I guess it's part of my upbringing with the spirits of the Way.
However, for those who prefer some good company with a relax attitude, just head to the Campsites, where you'l;l find others ready to share their experiences with you or just have a good time in general!

If you want to join in, just announce your intent in this thread: Announcing the Second Annual Landfall festival or sent a mail to Saede Riordan , informing her you want to attend!

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