Tuesday 2 December 2014

Ready yourself! The second Luminaire Snowball Fight is coming!

Indeed people, Commander A9 organizes the Luminaire Snowball Fight for a second time, it'll be on 21 December starting at 21H! Last year, this event was a great success, seeing alot of people celebrating & having fun, alongside with massive amounts of snowballs & fireworks being fired at each other! All in all, it's a great event to have some fun & get to know more people.

Some details about it:

Where & When?
- 21 December at 21H near the Luminaire VII - Moon 6 - Federation Navy Assembly Plant
- Hour to be determined by the available schedule of the New Eden Radio DJ's

What kind of Events & Shows will be there?

- All evening: DJ Tranze from New Eden Radio will run a Holiday Lottery and play the music!

-Lightshows! These were a big hit last year, and are spectacular to behold! They also come with neat prizes!
To participate, fit your ship with a variety of light & effect enhancing modules like lasers, festival launchers, logistic drones, sensor-boosters and many more! (and keep safety on green!)
Prizes will include PLEX and even the yet-to-be released all new Tech 3 destroyer!

-Secret Santa!
Named after an archaic myth of a gift-bearing entity, this part is all about sharing!
To be able to receive something from the Secret Santa, you contract a gift to Commander A9 (preferably not worth more then 200 mill) This assures you of a gift in return, as everyone who sends out a gift will be assured in getting one too!

-More details to be revealed later!
More more info & details, you can contact Commander A9 in the Live Events channel, a great place to keep up with various events happening across New Eden!

If you like to know more on what kind of event this'll be, reading this article: 'The Luminaire Holiday Festival was a great success!' will be a great help. It's a report on how it went last year. Everyone had a good time & people had fun pelting each other with snowballs and the like, not to mention all the gifts handed out & the amazing lightshows to watch!

Or you can just watch this short video, a great compilation of last year's Luminaire Snowball Fight!

Have fun & blast away those fireworks & snowballs! Video by Thufir Bezloden

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