Sunday 6 April 2014

Ayem Colony Expansion Progress

This is a continuation of the 'Ayem Colony expansion has begun!'- report. With the backing of 4TH District members & officials, the infrastructure expansion is going well! At this rate the Ayem Colony will be able to receive it's first large immigrant waves by the end of this month!
The 4TH District supplied building materials, construction machines & additional livestock to assist in rapidly opening & establishing new districts within the colony. Food production & industrial output have been increased greatly with the new supplies & materials, preparing the colony for it's large population boost in the near future.

In total, this is what has been supplied:
-5.000 Smartfab units -> To modernize & expand the existing industry
-9.072 Construction Blocks -> Increasing development of the new infrastructure
-2.000 Robotics -> Various machinery to accelerate development of the colony
-10.000 Livestock -> To assist in expanding food production

Additional supplies came in the form of salvaged intact circuitry, allowing to establish a modern digital database network on the colony.

Right now, there's a bit over 30.000 people living in the Ayem colony, most of them the original inhabitants. A growing group however are the Arcology immigrants, expanding the colony for a new & brighter future as a central population hub.
Also, currently a detachment of Aurora Marines are training under 4TH District security forces in preparation for their task of providing security planetside.

Current inhabitants:
~20.000 locals
-10.100 Workers (janitors)
-100 Employees (tourists)
-6 Construction Engineers (Construction Workers)
-9 Geological Engineers (Miners)
-1 Female Exotic Dancer
-1 Project Overseer  (VIP)

In training at I-MGAB station Port Larren are the 1.000 Marines for their future task of providing security planetside.

Aurora officials already had talks with a capsuleer who houses refugees in Providence and is interested in the development of Ayem Colony.
Remember, the first immigrants who arrive at the expanded colony will have the best job opportunities to choose form and first picks on the newly available housing modules! With this in mind, if you house any refugees around Providence that are interested in helping to push the State frontier, don't hesitate to give Jandice Ymladris or Demion Samenel a call!

It is expected that, if all things go well, that by the end of this month, the first large immigrant waves form the Arcology population will arrive at the Ayem Colony, after 4TH District approval.

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