Thursday 17 April 2014

Provists Ina Okonada and Aikabinen Unijila defeated at Torrinos


As Ina Okonada and Aikabinen Unijila were spotted in Torrinos, piloting the stolen Phoenix dreadnoughts, capsuleers flocked to the system, ready to deliver justice upon these traitors. It was quickly noticed they had the same 4 Dragonaur Navy Raven capsuleers as escort:  Mulakiri Mumanoi, Pyykakiwa Sarnen, Edashi Mokkiainen, and Odazai Tuolimo.

As people arrived in droves, they located the Dragonaur task force hanging right outside the station, ready to defend themselves. When the capsuleers began their attack, they quickly noticed a change in the attack pattern of the Dragonaurs.... They no longer went for weak small ships, but went for the larger, more expensive ships....

Quality above Quantity

And the change in combatdoctrine pays off for the Dragonaurs.... A Tengu perished as the first ship in battle, instead of the more usual weaker & cheaper destroyers or frigates. In an attempt to reduce expensive losses, the capsuleer fleet changed their priorities as well, and went for the escorting Dragonaur Ravens first!
As these Ravens were no match for the massed capsuleer fleet and they fell quickly. The two Phoenix Dreadnoughts did their utmost best to cause as much damage and expensive kills as they could. A massive exchange of firepower began between the two Provist commanders and the gathered capsuleer fleet.
As the Dreadnoughts sustained damage at a rapid rate, they still managed to take out a few high profile capsuleer ships. This had the adverse effect, as capsuleers wanted to down them as fast as they could now, before these Dreads would kill them. And then in short succession, two massive explosions happened, signaling the near simultaneous destruction of Ina Okonada's Phoenix and Aikabinen Unijila's Phoenix.

After the subsequent destruction of their pods, the fight died down. But then chaos ensued! As capsuleers were dispersing, a lone Rokh charged into the fleet and detonated it's smartbombs! Luckily, the majority of the fleet was spread out by then, causing only a handful of ships to be lost.
Once people recovered from this blast, they returned home, as their duty was done, and the Provist task force defeated.


This fight also occurred in highsec, assuring a minimum of chaos due to Concord's ever watchful patrols, ready to visit retribution on any capsuleer that violates the aggression laws.

The fight itself was short but tense, as the Dragonaurs went for high value kills this time, making many of the heavy hitter capsuleers nervous. This is something to watch out for in future manhunts.

Once more the PLEX bounties got shared all around as no dominant force was present to claim as many as they could. This seems to be the norm in highsec as Concord won't tolerate capsuleers shooting each other without the correct permits.
The lone Rokh smartbombing is a bit of an oddity, he did it after the fight was over, perhaps frustrated about his late arrival and thereby failed to claim a podkill bounty on one of the Dragonaur commanders?

Here is todays battle-report: Torrinos Kill & Loss list

The official nes can be found here: Two more Provists slain in Torrinos

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