Saturday 19 April 2014

Provist Taskforce succeeds at Taisy!

The gathering of fleets

The Provist taskforce has been sighted at Taisy today, deploying 3 stolen Chimera carriers, piloted by Verkkomi Obanin, Uesharas Pumenen and Hyn Soila. Curiously, there was no escort around this time.

As expected, the Pandemic Legion Apocalypse fleet was present in the system, but the system lockdown wasn't as dramatic as previous events, albeit the Snigwaffle fleet assisted PL. Several other fleets entered the system as well, EvE-Uni, Spectre, RAZOR/, FCORD and The Dithanian Fleet as the larger ones and a few smaller fleets were present as well.

Rapidly, the Provist task force was located at the second asteroid belt of Taisy VI and scouts were sent in advance to evaluate the situation.

The initial battle at Taisy VI, Belt 2

The various scouts for the fleets immediately reported that the 3 stolen Chimeras were protected by the PL fleet. As the first few smaller fleets engaged, the tactics became obvious. The Waffle fleet jumped in & locked down the aggressing fleet while the PL Apocalypse ships decimated them.
After this first wave of attacks, the fight died down for a moment, as the other fleets were deciding on a proper approach to counter the Waffle/PL combination.

Then Spectre engaged, opening fire on the Chimeras with their Naga detachment. When Waffles tried to lock them down, the Spectre fleet just warped to another point on site. This ratchase kept going for a while.

During this, several other fleets jumped in, making the chaos complete. Initially FCORD warped in, only to flee shortly after as PL took out their logistic ships in rapid succession. Right after, RAZOR jumped in with their ECM fleet, only to be attacked immediately after by the Dithanian fleet who warped right on top of them. As several RAZOR members died to Dithanian fire, Waffles arrived at the skirmish as well. Dithanian fled,with RAZOR in their wake as they both realized they could not win this fight.

During all this, Spectre kept on attacking the triaged Chimera carriers with their Naga attack force. But as the chaos died down, and Waffles became more persistent in their chasing, Spectre did a tactical withdrawal.

As the fight raged, the 3 Dragonaur Carriers managed to silently warp away to the next belt, continuing their unknown objective.
Once the fleets noticed, they warped out, while PL warped directly to the new spot. Waffles in the meantime remained at Belt 2, attacking stragglers.

Chaos at Taisy VI, Belt 3

The change of location meant that PL once more had full control over the field, allowing them to protect the 3 stolen Chimeras efficiently.
Other fleets who wanted to engage had to set up new warp points before they could go all-in due to this...
As it was quiet for a while, the former 37th Squadron Commanders began congratulating PL for their enduring support, defending them from hostiles. They praised the efforts PL brought to secure them in this operation.

And then, all helll broke loose, as two fleets warp in simultaneously on PL, one Pirate fleet, unspotted till this very moment, and a second attempt by RAZOR. the 3 sides immediatly began fighting each other, pirate ships exploded left & right. Trying to take advantage of the chaos, RAZOR tried pushing the advantage, only to get thwarted by a 4th fleet appearing on site! Eve-Uni charged for them, took out several ships and retreated from the battlefield when they spotted the Waffle fleet moving in to assist PL.

As the chaos died down, wrecks were left behind and PL remained in control, along with the Waffle fleet assisting them. But the peace won't last long... Spectre joined the field once more, repeating their attacks on the Chimera's.
Waffles once more gave chase, but now they knew their opponents tactic. After a few fruitless jumps, they managed to lock down several Naga's, demolishing them. This was the signal to Spectre that it became too dangerous, and they retreated as well.

Now victory was complete! Pandemic Legion and Waffles had the belt secured for the 3 Provist commanders, allowing them to fulfill their objective in peace. Once it was done, they congratulated Pandemic Legion for their assistance and jumped out.

To the Victor go the spoils...

And so it turns out, there's a deeper meaning behind these manhunts... The Provist objective is unknown, but one can always guess. One theory is that of resource gathering, as they were in asteroid belts during this hunt. Another theory is that they were attempting to hack communication lines, databanks/archives or any other infrastructure they wanted to have access towards.
Another hypothesis is that their objective might be connected to the Kyonoke Pit, a chilling thought.... Let us hope that neither the quarantined mining station nor the research facilities were part of their objective...
Whatever it was, the Carrier commanders managed to complete it, thanks to Pandemic Legion and then jumped out their Chimera's once finished

Adding to the mystery of the objective is that this time the 37th Squadron commanders were without their trusty Dragonaur Escorts, albeit this might have to do more with the armament of the Chimera's, namely smartbombs.
Todays defense was very successful for the Dragonaurs, eliminating dozens of capsuleer ships, more than in any other manhunt for them. This can be seen in this overview: Dragonaur Battle results

The combat in Taisy was very chaotic, often resulting in 3 and even 4 way attacks! Many of the fleets also used their mobility as an advantage towards the slow, lumbering PL Navy Apocalypse fleet. However, the Waffle fleet was present to negate this disadvantage of PL.

All in all, it was a very chaotic fight today as seen in the overview: Taisy Battle Results

Capsuleer Emu Evil of Spectre-Fleet provided a holovid link. As interceptor pilot he had a unique view on the battle as he could jump all over the battle-site.

Part 1 : Preparations to engage Pandemic Legion & the Provist capitals on site
Part 2 : Continued mobile attack of Spectre Fleet on PL & the Provists

The official publication of this news: Provists escape Taisy due to Pandemic Legion assistance

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