Saturday 12 April 2014

Caldari Navy organizes a manhunt on Provist Raiders!

A few days ago, a Caldari Navy staging station was attacked by unknown assailants and managed to hijack several capital ships. These were a Wyvern class supercarrier and several Chimera carriers. More detail can be found in the official news report here: Caldari Navy confirms attack on border region staging facility.

Investigations into this raid has shown the Provists were behind this large theft. More exactly, the discharged officers from the 37th Squadron who were put on trial earlier this year, as reported: Wing Commander Okuuda discharged dishonorably and later found dead.
Turns out his fellow officers were less honorable than Former Wing Commander Okuuda and decided to dishonor their legacy further by leading a raid on a Caldari Navy Staging point in the Otsasai system.
Using their knowledge, they managed to succesfully raid the Navy Station with minimal casualties and hijack several capital ships with the backing of Provist strike forces.

On response of the outcome of this investigation, the Caldari Navy has announced a Manhunt on these Provists and their supporters!
No expense is spared for this manhunt, as the bounties placed on these criminals border on the excessive! To assure Capsuleer backing, the bounties are placed as PLEX licenses. The Caldari Navy has released a list of the bounties placed and they are mind-boggling!

A copy of the bounty listing is transmitted below for convenience by request of the Navy:
  • Kossen Jaikka - 80 PLEX
  • Arano Kokkara - 40 PLEX
  • Ina Okonada - 40 PLEX
  • Aikabinen Unijila - 40 PLEX
  • Tovas Tagahaiken - 40 PLEX
  • Tsatei Uppas - 40 PLEX
  • Uehuma Inikas - 40 PLEX
  • Saara Humo - 40 PLEX
  • Tuohmirasen Oittakko - 40 PLEX
  • Hyn Soila - 40 PLEX
  • Verkkomi Obanin - 40 PLEX
  • Uesharas Pumenen - 40 PLEX
  • Ichonen Aroki - 40 PLEX
  • Arameki Ibuken - 40 PLEX
  • Sajila Halmon - 40 PLEX
  • Kekamaa Togenurii - 40 PLEX
  • Pyykakiwa Sarnen - 40 PLEX
  • Mulakiri Momanoi - 40 PLEX
  • Odazai Tuolimo - 40 PLEX
  • Edashi Mokkiainen - 40 PLEX
It is believed these men will strike soon in Caldari Space. As they know Caldari Navy protocols, they'll be able to circumvent the Cynojammers in place, allowing these treacherous men to attack targets and stations in high security space! To assure a rapid response from Capsuleers in such cases, allowing a minimisation of civilian casualties, the Caldari Navy put up these record-high bounties.
However, the payouts on the bounties won't be one large PLEX package, to assure that as many capsuleers as possible can get a share of the wealth. The distribution of the bounties is as following:

Kossen Jaikka – 80 PLEX Total -> He is believed to be the one who orchestrated the raid and thereby the most dangerous man. He is also the only one qualified to fly a Wyvern Supercarrier.
  • Top Damage – 15 PLEX
  • Final Blow (ship) – 15 PLEX
  • Final Blow (pod) – 15 PLEX
  • Corpse – 10 PLEX
  • Top Damage (Battleship) – 10 PLEX
  • Top Damage (Battlecruiser) – 5 PLEX
  • Top Damage (Cruiser) – 5 PLEX
  • Top Damage (Destroyer) – 3 PLEX
  • Top Damage (Frigate) – 2 PLEX

All Other Capital Pilots – 40 PLEX Each
  • Top Damage – 7 PLEX
  • Final Blow (ship) – 7 PLEX
  • Final Blow (pod) – 7 PLEX
  • Corpse – 5 PLEX
  • Top Damage (Battleship) – 5 PLEX
  • Top Damage (Battlecruiser) – 3 PLEX
  • Top Damage (Cruiser) – 3 PLEX
  • Top Damage (Destroyer) – 2 PLEX
  • Top Damage (Frigate) – 1 PLEX

 More info can be found on the published report by Concord Communication Personnel. CCP Falcon explains into more detail here : Caldari Navy Manhunt - Event Details & Claim Criteria. Due to Concords widespread Intel system, they'll even be able to guessimate the attack times in advance! So check out the linked Concord report!

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