Wednesday 16 April 2014

Dragonaurs Saara Humo and Tuohmirasen Oittakko slain at Mastakomon

Taunting & Mocking

As word got out in the afternoon that the Dragonaurs have been spotted in Mastakomon, Forge region, capsuleers embarked their ships and flew full speed to the target system. As it was in highsec, the chance of being shot by your fellow capsuleers was drastically diminished, as shown during the Provist encounter at Samanuni.

The reported Dragonaur Provists were Saara Humo and Tuohmirasen Oittakko, both commanding a stolen Chimera class carrier. Their escort are the now well known 4 Dragonaur capsuleers: Mulakiri Mumanoi, Pyykakiwa Sarnen, Edashi Mokkiainen, and Odazai Tuolimo.
The Carriers were repping each other & the Navy Scorpion escort, making them a sturdy & resilient target. This time, they won't go down easy...

As the first fleets jumped in the system, they were in for a surprise! The Provist taskforce was just hanging right next to the Uchoshi Gate! No need to probe them out this time! Seems that they've been caught offguard by the rapid arrival of the first few capsuleer fleets.

However, as the capsuleers began their attack on the Provists, they realized quickly that these small ship could not breach the Chimera's shields. Some redirected their fire on the Dragonaur Navy Scorpions, but due to the reppings from the carriers, it was in vain as well.
seeing the futility of this attack, the Provists began mocking the capsuleers. Pyykakiwa Sarnen took the lead in this, taunting the capsuleers at his hearts desire.

Some examples of his taunts:

 "Pyykakiwa Sarnen > If you're going to come after us, you should probably bring something bigger than those pea shooters"
 "Pyykakiwa Sarnen > If you think you can stop us with these insignificant forces, you are mighty confused"

But these mockings & taunts only worked to fan the flames... As the capsuleers realized they needed some heavy firepower fleets, they rallied friends & allies, more and more flocked into the system.
Hubris comes before the fall

Now over 200 capsuleers had arrived in the system, firing at will on the Provist task force, but they failed to make a dent in the carriers shields... Feeling invincible, Pyykakiwa Sarnen taunted the capsuleers haughtily one more time: "Impressive numbers, but you sure don't have what it takes to bring us down"

But these words would be their downfall, infuriated by these taunts of the mocking Provists, two capsuleer leaders, Sue Abbott & Silver Dolan instructed the gathered capsuleers to focus all their weapons on Tuohmirasen Oittakko's Chimera.
Under the concentrated fire of about 200 ships, the Chimera didn't last long, despite that Saara Humo's Chimera desperately tried to rep it. As the first stolen Dragonaur Chimera exploded, the capsuleers switched fire to Saara Humo's Chimera. In mere moments, he joined the fate of his commander.

Detonate the Nuke! Level the place! Miss the target!

But as the two carriers were down, chaos followed as capsuleers began firing at will on the 4 remaining Scorpions. The Dragonaur Escort was determined to make one final stand and returned fire with all they got. Amidst this chaos was also floating the escape-capsule of Saara Humo, on who was a bounty for killing him.

As people noticed this, they went for a mad dash towards the capsule when suddenly a massive explosion engulfed and blinded them! As the glare faded, a large field of wrecks was left behind, where moments ago there was a fleet chasing a pod....
Amidst this wreckage was the burned out husk of an Apocalypse class battleship. It turns out this ship was rigged with smartbombs, in an ultimate attempt to kill the pod, to claim the bounty, and damn the consequences! 
And the consequences were damning, over 50 capsuleers or their ships perished, directly and indirectly to this massive explosion. That's some massive collateral damage to kill a single pod... And it was all in vain, as Saara Humo was killed just moments before by Mazica Airuta, a member of EvE University.

But the fight went on, and amidst the chaos, the remaining Dragonaurs managed to take out several capsuleers before they were obliterated by capsuleer weaponry. As the last Dragonaur pod exploded, the capsuleer fleets rapidly dispersed, as their duty here was done, the Provist taskforce defeated.


This engagement saw a very diverse participation. There was no dominant group or fleet. This can be attributed to Concord presence, as they maintain order among the capsuleer forces, penalizing them for unlawful aggressions.
The presence of two Chimeras repping each other did prove an initial challenge, but nothing that throwing more capsuleers at it couldn't solve. The Dragonaur Navy Scorpions put up a valiant resistance, but ultimately met their repeating fate, death by capsuleer fire.

Due to the large diversity of the bountyhunters, the PLEX bounties got spread around various organisations as well, with no group claiming dominance.

Here is the list of kills & losses in the Mastakomon fight: Battle-Board - Mastakomon

The official report on this manhunt: Provists routed in Mastakomon

So far, the Provists prove to be no match for the capsuleers that hunt them, but they are deploying stronger assets in every encounter. Due to this, it is advised to stay alert.
Of special notice is that this Provist fleet was not in a secluded orbit of a planet, requiring them to be probed first, but that they were right next to a gate, visible for all to see. This did make it easier for everyone to find them and take them down.

I like to thank all who contributed their knowledge of this fight, allowing me to create this report, so everyone can stay informed!

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