Sunday 20 April 2014

Dragonaur capital fleet defeated at Usi!

The Exodus

As news spread that Provist were victorious at Taisy, people readied their best ships for the next attack. However, this Dragonaur victory also bolstered their supporters in setting up fleets to assist them in the upcoming fight...
It dawned to all those involved that the next attack would be decisive, putting the two sides against each other...

And then word spread... a capital Dragonaur fleet had jumped into the Usi system! This was it, the big attack everyone was preparing for! Immediately, hundreds of capsuleers took off, heading to the target system. The sudden and massive movement of capsuleerfleets overburdened traffic control, which lead to delayed jumping and slowing down travel in general, causing frustrations among the warping fleets!

This was not all, during the journey, the Provist supporters started a campaign of disinformation, making people think the capital fleet was somewhere else, or already destroyed. But thanks to the enduring work of helpful fleetcommanders, this false propaganda was quickly dismissed and people continued their travel to Usi.

The Final Showdown

As the first capsuleers arrived on the field, they were rapidly approached by a large drone swarm, originating from the carriers. Those who were careless and greedy died fast. The 8 carriers had deployed their drones and attacked all those who entered on field first. 7 of the 8 carriers where Chimera's, piloted by Verkkomi Obanin, Uesharas Pumenen and Hyn Soila who were successful earlier at Taisy. They were assisted by 4 new Provist commanders, Kekamaa Togenurii, Sajila Halmon, Ichonen Aroki and Arameki Ibuken. These ships were protecting the flagship, the Wyvern Supercarrier, piloted by Former 37th squadron officer Kossen Jaikka.
This fleet proved to be a formidable foe as the initial waves got destroyed by the massive drone fleets these ships could field. To top it off, they were all repping each other, making their tank hard to breach.

However, most capsuleers didn't wait on their heavy hitting friends to arrive and started fighting each other! Coupled with the Provist taking out ships themselves, quite some capsuleers lost their ship and their clones. However, a member of EvE Uni, Kelon Darklight charged in, and disrupted the Wyvern's jumpdrive!
Several Provist supporters tried bumping him away from the Supercarrier by ramming him, but Kelon tried his best dodging them, holding his critical position.
But despite these losses, numbers kept growing, till the system had over a thousand capsuleers present. The Provist loyalists still attempted to sabotage the encounter, by overloading local comms with their nonsensical chatter and spreading false info.

As the heavy hitting ships arrived en masse, like battlecruisers and battleships, the attack was slowly turning to capsuleer favor. The first primary was the Stolen Chimera, piloted by Kekamaa Togenurii. After a long & hard struggle of damage versus their repair/boosting speed the Chimera finally perished. After the first Chimera went down, one after the other followed, always faster as the spidertanking was losing efficiency with every Chimera that fell...

Slowly the end was closing in for the last Chimeras, but then a white flash is seen, Smartbombs! In an attempt to destabilize the manhunt fleet, Provist supporters nuked the area with their explosive weapons. Dozens of capsuleers got caught in the blastwave
Despite this desperate attempt by Provist supporters, the fleet redirected itself at the Wyvern supercarrier, who was unable to leave the field, thanks to Kelon Darklight's stubbornness to keep the ship's warpdrive disrupted despite numerous attempts to remove him from the area.
Only one Chimera was left when the massive firepower of the massed capsuleerfleet downed the Wyvern in recordtime!
Shortly after the Wyvern perished, the Chimera went down as well.

As people scrambled to kill the escape-pods, another massive blastwave, caused by smartbombs rushed through the fleet, once again killing dozens... This blastwave was much larger, executed by many eggers who assisted their friends in claiming kills & removing opposition from the field.

But now it was over.... the Provist power broken, capsuleers once more stood triumphant and the Caldari Navy achieved it's goal for bringing justice to the traitors.
People across the cluster cheered as they heared the good news, the Provist traitors have been defeated, and the Dragonaurs suffered a heavy blow!
Celebrations & mourning

Once more, the Eden cluster has grown a bit more safer with the elimination of this Provist capital fleet. People rejoiced and celebrated the end of the manhunts, signalizing a severe blow to the Dragonaurs. The fight lasted long, but in the end, all the Dragonaur capitals perished under capsuleer might.
The Caldari can claim a major victory, as over 1000 capsuleers were on the field, fighting the renegade 37th squadron forces for them!

However, the Provist supporters caused a large loss of human life due to their smartbombing terror on the battlefield. Twice they detonated en masse, and twice it claimed many lives. But now, their side has lost the conflict despite their failed attempts to overturn the event into a Provist victory.

The number of Provist capitals deployed were in total 8, in more detail; 7 Chimera's and 1 Wyvern. While their tank was formidable and didn't bend under the bashing over a hundred capsuleers, it was only a matter of time before they'd be overwhelmed by the ever increasing capsuleer ship numbers.
With coordinated teamwork, the Dragonaur task force went down slowly under concentrated gunfire, despite attempts to disrupt the public comms.

This is the Usi Battle Report (See 19 April)

All in all, after this capital engagement, it's unlikely the Dragonaurs will be planning something on this scale again.
This event has been considered a great success among capsuleers, as they were able to earn great rewards through them. The defeat of this capital fleet will haunt the Dragonaurs for a long time and force them to keep a low profile for the foreseeable future.

May peace return to the Caldari State after these events, so we can rebuild what has been torn down under Heth's rule.

The offical publication: Provist remnants slaughtered in Usi

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