Tuesday 22 April 2014

Over 11.000 Refugees join the Arcology

This week saw high activity from our reporters on the Manhunt event. Due to the large scale, it was decided that for this week, our News Agency would solely focus on it, reporting every change. Adding to this was an advertisement campaign, aiming to bring the news as soon as possible to the relevant crowd. This payed off, as the Manhunt article series became our most successful reports, read by thousands!
To keep it easy for future reference, a final article has been made, combining all previous Manhunt events, and a little explanation about it all: The Provist Manhunt Summary.

The Aurora News Network, and it's CEO, Jandice Ymladris like to thank all our viewers, advertisers & informants for their trust in our news agency and their help in making it grow & provide correct information!
We shall continue to provide news on important events and giving additional information about them!

Now onward to this week's immigration list. Due to the Manhunt, the immigration clearance for the refugees, rescues & immigrants was delayed due to the heavy workload on several departments. We like to thank the Amarr system traders for their assistance to the Arcology Project.

Regular Civilians

-5 Civilians
-884 Homeless
-2786 Janitors
-148 Refugees
-30 Science Graduates
-4 Scientists
-2398 Tourists
-1826 Freed Slaves


-11 Fedos (Datafile:A strange animal)
-236 Hounds

Law Enforcement

-50 Amarr Light Marines
-1400 Kameiras
-1640 Marines
-160 Militants
-118 Slavers (Part of the Redemption Program)

Employees for the Nightclub L'Etoile Rouge

-270 Female Exotic Dancers
-320 Male Exotic Dancers
-1 Prostitute


-1 Kardimo Palettan

About two weeks ago, a representative of the Tash-Murkon Family inspected the Arcology, to check how the Amarr were treated and their culture respected. More info on the why can be found here: Over 12.000 immigrants arrive this week at the Arcology Station!
The Aurora Project passed their inspection and to assure our Project remains within these expectations, the representative informed us that he would periodically stay at the Arcology. To assure his safety, he has send 1400 Kameiras to assure his security and that of his staff.

This massive influx of elite Amarr forces caused a lot of friction among the Minmatar delegation. Already unhappy with the Arcology Amarr delegation supporting the Praetoria Imperialis Exhubitoris (PIE) Kameira Program, they are now infuriated by what they perceive as a military build-up by the Amarr in the Arcology station. The Minmatar faction informed the Aurora Council that if this continues unabated, they will take action themselves! Rumor has it, they secretly recruited over a thousand Freedom Fighters for their cause...
In order to prevent any escalation, the Council will hold a special meeting to discuss how they can appease both sides, as turning away the Kameira force would surely anger the Amarr, as they would see it as an insult to reject support from a Major House.

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